Marisa Garramone

“For me colors are living beings, highly evolved individuals that integrate with us and with the whole world. Colors are the true inhabitants of space.”
Yves Klein

The contemporary art of the artist, Marisa Garramone, is dedicated mainly to the territory of Asti and to portraits. The particular use of bright colors and nuanced traits make his paintings unique.

The love for art, the passion for the city of Asti, its history and its life, have led the painter to represent scenes of Qutidian life of her native land, on evocative canvases.

Marisa Garramone Painter Asti

The artist’s career

Quadri Marisa Garramone


After graduating from the Benedetto Alfieri Institute of Asti and studying at the University of Architecture in Turin, Marisa Garramone dedicated herself to interior design and painting. The first exhibition, in 2003 in the Autumn Collective in the Asti promoter room.

Dipinto scarpe rosse

2004 – 2009

The notoriety arrives soon with several exhibitions in Asti, like

  • Sala Annunziata Asti
  • 2007 Personal church Santissima Trinità Asti
  • 2008 Event “Vinnissage” courtyard Michelerio Asti
  • 2009 Personal Exhibition Agliano Terme
  • 2009 Historical re-enactment “Azzano in Fiamme”
Dipinto Vittorio Alfieri palio di asti 100x50


During her career, the painter Marisa Garramone has participated in several events in Asti, with the exhibition of her paintings

  • 2009-2010 Personal exhibition at the Santissima Trinità church in Asti
  • 2009-2010-2011 “Gustadom” Asti
  • 2010 Personal Exhibition at the Municipal Cellar of La Morra
  • 2010 Personal Exhibition “San Giuseppe” cultural center Alba
  • 2011 Personal Exhibition within the Municipality of Asti
Dipinto a olio Adunata Alpini 2016 Asti


In the course of the year the painter made many portraits in oil on commission, representations of events in Asti and daily life scene.

  • 2011-2012 Creation of the cover of the magazine “La Nuova Provincia”
  • 2012 Donation and Revisitation of Caffe Greco of Guttuso at the Municipality of Asti for the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy
  • 2012 Ten Sundays on theme for “Passe-partout en Hiver” at the Astense Library of Asti
  • 2012 Creation of the driving poster for “Arts and Merchants” Asti
  • 2013 Personal Exhibition in Calosso in the halls of the Town Hall for the “Rapulè”
  • 2013 Award for the “Olimpia” canvas
  • 2014 Historical re-enactment of Incisa Scapaccino “Siege 1514”
  • 2013-2014-2015 Realization of the Philatelic Annulment for the Italian post offices Douja D’Or
  • 2015 Ritratt’Asti exhibition-laboratory
  • 2016 Personalized portrait given to Italo Sforzi
Galleria d'Arte Marisa Garramone

from 2017

In 2017, the artist Marisa Garramone opened her Art Gallery, full of hand-painted paintings, commissioned portraits in oil and much more.

Ritratto Ayrton Senna


On March 29, 2019, Marisa Garramone presented the portrait of the famous pilot, for the inauguration of the exhibition of Ayrton Senna in Asti, at Palazzo Mazzetti.

Some hand-painted paintings
and oil portraits by the artist 

Asti e adunata alpini 2016
Dipinto a olio ritratto occhi
Ritratto su commissione dipinto a mano
Personaggi celebri ritratti
Paliotti di Asti su tela a olio
Ritratto di ragazza su tela a olio

Marisa Garramone and the passion for Asti

Asti, historical city is rich in historical monuments, places of interest and churches. In addition, every year, many events are organized, such as the Palio di Asti, the Festival of Festivals, Arts and Merchants. The events rich in history and colors are represented on the canvases of Marisa Garramone with oil colors and shaded sections, which make her works of art unique. The bright colors give life to the hand-painted paintings that represent the uses and customs of Asti in medieval and modern times.

Marisa Garramone pittrice Asti