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“In nature, light creates color. In painting, color creates light.”

Hans Hofmann

Opening hours of the Art Gallery

from Monday to Saturday h. 15.00–19.30
Phone +39 338 888 2127

Fill out the contact form to request an oil painting or a commissioned portrait, painted by hand. Contact us

How to reach the Gallery

Address: Via Astesano, 9 – 14100 Asti, AT

Order an oil painting

If you want to have a painting by hand, you can buy directly your painting online or contact the painter, Marisa Garramone, by sending an email to place your order.

Where is the art gallery

The Art Gallery of Marisa Garramone, open every day is located in the center of Asti, near Piazza San Secondo.

Commissioned portrait

By sending a request directly to the painter, you can request an oil portrait. By sending a photograph of the portrait you want to commission, you will be shown the price and the time of realization.

Buy paintings online

You can visit the art gallery every day in Asti or visit the online store, where you can buy hand-painted paintings by Marisa Garramone.